Do you buy and sell weeks ?

We sometimes receive instructions from both private and corporate buyers to act on their behalf in purchase negotiations. Our remuneration in such cases is negotiable, either on a fixed-fee or commission basis. Following restructuring, we no longer offer full-sales-agency-terms. Currently, we provide sellers with an advertising and promotion package for a nominal fixed fee.

Do you rent timesharing weeks ?

Any holiday-maker or traveller can rent timeshare weeks via We offer a comprehensive rental service to owners of timeshare weeks and fractional interests.

I have a timeshare located outside of Portugal - would you deal with this ?

Yes, we would include your details in one of our advert/promo programmes, as required. As we are independent of a sale transaction (unless retained - see above - which would be declared) we would also provide the same unique advisory services to your purchaser, that are provided to buyers of weeks located within Portugal.

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