Timeshare and Fractional

You will find full details of our services for timeshare/fractional members/owners and resort developers, on our main website. Available services are not limited to:

  • BUYING - make the most of your holiday time and resources
  • SELLING - promotion and advisory services
  • RENTING - rent-a-timeshare + owners rental service
  • TRANSFER - of interest to private sellers, solicitors & agents
  • RELINQUISH - administration service
  • RESORT SERVICES - innovative products; practical solutions for inventory and management accounts control
  • BUYING AGENTS - representing private and corporate buyers

When it's Done and Dusted !

ONCE A CLIENT - always a client. When the deal is done - buyer or seller - our clients can quickly and easily arrange all their travel and related services via GJHassociates, including: Car Hire, Flight Seats, Travel Insurance, Excursions, Holiday Money, Airport Transfers - Discounted Holiday Rental Accommodation - a one-stop travel shop with a truly personal service

To find out more please use the Contact Form or fax/call: 00351-289322749